Kyjen Dog Toys

Benefits Beyond the Toys

As dog lovers and companions, we are committed to keeping dogs happy and healthy. We understand a "healthy" dog must have a balance between good physical and emotional health. That is why we strive to keep dogs physically active as well as emotionally engaged.

Puzzle Toys

Our puzzle toys are based on enrichment philosophies which were first implemented in zoos to eliminate boredom of captive animals. Every well-balanced animal needs stimulation and enrichment. Our new category of dog toys teaches dogs how to problem solve while eliminating behavioral issues, increasing mental stimulation, and building better owner/pet relationships. Dog Games Puzzle Toys are an excellent way to challenge and engage your dog's mental needs that physical training alone may not provide.

We have recently introduced three plastic-based puzzle toys. These toys challenge dogs to forage for food. The Treat Wheel and Paw Hide toys contain specially designed cups which fit into holes in the puzzle bases. Dogs must figure out how to remove the cups from the puzzle to get the treats. Scent holes in the top of the cups help dogs discover where the goodies are hidden. The Star Spinner consists of three layers which spin to expose treats underneath.

All of these toys are dishwasher safe and non-toxic. Competitors make compressed wood puzzle toys that cannot survive a good slobbering or dishwashing, so we believe our plastic puzzle are the best choice of material for treat-based puzzles.

What our customers are saying:

"I bought this puzzle to help entertain my smart and curious and food driven dogs. My "boys" love it! We play it every single day. Often to work on obedience (sit, get it, down, get it!) and just for fun administration of treats and even dinner... "

by Laura E. from Amazon

"I have a golden retriever as well as a pembroke welsh corgi. They love their food and tend to inhale it. But they are also very smart and tend to get board. I bought the Star Spinner as well as the paw print shaped toy by this same company and they had a blast from the moment I filled it and set it on the floor! I love that the toys are plastic. So they are much easier to clean (just spray and rinse in the sink, or wipe out with a clorox wipe). Particularly since my corgi prefers soft/moist treats as compared to my dry kibble loving golden..."

by A. Staley

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Puzzle Plush

About ten years ago, Kyjen introduced the first plush-based "puzzle toys" to the pet industry. Today, many of our original designs remain in production as best-sellers. Our most popular puzzle plush toy is the Hide-A-Squirrel. With over 300 5-star reviews on Amazon, owners attest to the fact that dogs enjoy the challenge of pulling out the plush squirrels from their cozy hiding place in the reenforced plush log. Dogs truly seem to celebrate liberating the hidden squirrels. Owners can simply reload the squirrels and let their dogs "hunt" again, and again. The Hide-A-Squirrel and it's sister plush toys, Hide-A-Bee and Hide-A-Bird, provide a longer-lasting thrill than a simple squeaker toy.

Other plush favorites include the Egg Babies, which contain hidden plush balls, or "eggs", in their bellies. These plush toys provide similar hide-and-seek enrichment for dogs. For retrievers and other dogs who love chasing balls, recovering these "eggs" provides an additional thrill! The eggs in the Egg Babies are tightly packed in the belly of the critter and are removed from a single, velcroed slit underneath. This is a slightly different game to the dog than the more open cavity of the Hide-A-Squirrel log.

What our customers are saying:

"I was nervous when buying this because I wasnt sure if this was the whole set or just replacements- I was pleased when it arrived and was the whole set.My dog has a great time with this toy. The little squirrels inside the trunk are squeaky toys, which she LOVES. The box came with instructions on how to modivate and teach your pet to use it. We put a small treat in the bottom and she had a great time digging it out. The whole process for removing the squirrels takes her less than a minute now..."

by Nancy T. from Amazon

" ...She is extremely smart and a terrific problem solver, so it took her about 2 minutes to figure out how to get the squeaky squirrels out of the "trunk." But she plays with it every chance she gets -- fetching it when we throw it for her, tossing it in the air, shaking it violently, crunching on the squirrels and making them squeal and squeak -- it's her #1 go-to toy..."

by Cutedeedle from Amazon

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Dogs love squeaker toys but become bored after they stop making noise. We have created a different kind of squeaker toy...and we call them "Invincibles"! These stuffing-less snakes contain large, space-filling squeakers which keep squeaking, even after being punctured.

Invincibles are great for dogs who lose interest in plush toys once they have stopped squeaking. Of course, they are good for dogs with sharp teeth, too! Some of our own dogs are notorious squeaker killers - and these Invincibles have survived weeks longer than ordinary toys.

What our customers are saying:

"My dog, Vozzy loves this toy. He is not an aggressive chewer, so this toy is lasting. If your dog likes to tear toys apart, it won't last more than the few minutes it takes to tear it apart. Vozzy loves to make the squeakers squeak!!! He has a lot of fun playing tug-a-war with me and go-fetch. If your dog is an aggressive chewer try the toys made from tough fireman's hose from this company, they last a lot longer. My mother's dog hasn't destroyed his yet, and it has a squeaker!!!"

by Susan M. from Amazon

"These are very plush and well-made. It worked out so well that I bought him the 6-squeaker snake...he loves this one even more; more tug-of-war action. He has not chewed either of them to get to the squeakers...maybe because they are very large? or no stuffing? Regardless, Boo gives these snakes two-paws up. For what you get the price is reasonable too! A must buy!!"

by Hanna from Amazon

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Squeaker Mats

Another first line of plush toys which address certain dogs' love of squeaking, are our Long-Body Squeaker Mats. These toys contain up to sixteen squeakers sewn in a grid along a long, flat toy... it's like bubble-wrap for dogs! Our gator character is the most popular of these designs. Many customers repeatedly repurchase these toys knowing their dog will play with it over and over again. Dogs enjoy the floppy stature and shake factor these toys possess.

What our customers are saying:

"...It's not a super tough toy in that regard. But it is one of my dogs absolute favorites!!! It has squeakers all along it's body! My dog always just chews on the squeaker and chews on the squeaker until it doesn't squeak anymore. In this case, there are SO many squeakers if one dies from playing there is still plenty of squeak options left! It's also big and floppy..."

by garlicmama from Amazon

"who invented this stuff??? he deserves an award of some sort! my dog loves it (i am not sure it is reciprocal though! the squirrel suffers a lot!) even my drawf bunny got into the game. they fight over the head and the tail of the squirrel; who bit it, who drag it.... hilarious! now they're both too light to squeak it but once in a while the dog squeak it with his teeth and the excitement starts over!!!! nice!!!..."

by Hanna from Amazon

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Bottle Buddies

After observing the pleasure and length of time dogs enjoy chewing on empty water bottles, we created a safer chew toy which encorporates the crackling and cruching dogs admire. Our Bottle Buddies eliminate sharp, dangerous edges by covering a bottle with a soft, reusable plush cover. These cute, animal-shaped characters have an inner-nylon layer that keeps cracked, sharp plastic from penetrating the soft plush outer layer and dog's gums.

What our customers are saying:

"My dog loves plastic bottles to begin with, but you add a stuffed animal to the mix and it's even better. The good thing is there's no stuffing to pull out so you just replace the bottle and it's like a brand new toy. Great quality too!"

by Jamie from Amazon

"I remember I watched the video for this toy which is what prompted me to purchase it. I'm so glad I bought "Mr. Moo". Obviously I got the cow one, not the pig. It's a lot more durable than I expected especially with my puppy's razor sharp teeth. It provides us with hours of entertainment. :) "

by Heather from Amazon

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Tail Teasers

Our Tail Teasers were originally designed for human behavior. Sometimes, owners do not have enough time or energy to exercise their dog on a daily basis. But why should a dog's well-being suffer if the owner is unable to play? Dog obesity has become a disappointing, and rapidly-growing problem. With the help of our Tail Teasers, one can still engage their dog in exercise... even when sitting on the couch!

The Tail Teaser is constructed like a heavy-duty fishing pole. With a single piece of tough nylon rope covering an inserted fiberglass rod, it is a super durable toy. This furry critter can be gently tossed around and controlled by the owner to accommodate special exercise needs. Aside from human convenience, Tail Teasers can be used for dogs who are no longer able to play vigorously due to rehabilitation, arthritis, or hip dysplasia. It's a high and low impact exercise toy!

What our customers are saying:

"We have a lot of small dogs now, including a rescue dog and a small puppy. The older dogs are not so impressed, but the puppies and our two cats love this toy on a pole. They would play all day if we could play all day! The pole idea is genius and we bought a replacement, in case they chew this one up, but so far it is holding up well. We also have a Kyjen Orange Snake, squeaky toy, which is a big hit. We will look at their product line, the next time we buy toys for our pets. Highly recommend!"

by Social Writeup from Amazon

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Kyjen Classics

Our lovable Hedgehogs have a deep-sounding grunt noisemaker inside as well as a rattle. Many dogs prefer this grunt noise over the high-pitched squeak of regular squeakers. The Hedgehog shape fits naturally in a dog's mouth and makes it enjoyable to carry.

Fleecy Cleans are a soft, more intact alternative to rope toys. Since many dogs like the shape and texture of braided rope, our fleecebased tugs make a good choice for those avoiding rope toys.

What our customers are saying:

"Oh my gosh, I don't know what it is about this toy, but both my dogs LOVE it. They carry it around all the time. They haven't tried to tear the "grunter" out of it yet, as it is deep inside it. They seem fascinated with it and sometimes bring it to me so I will make it grunt for them. They look at it like they think it is alive."

by Marilyn E. from Amazon

"My dog is notorious for wrecking stuffed animals and breaking squeakers but this toy has lasted a long time. He loves that it squeaks, grunts and rattles but more than this it has become part of the family. It comes to bed with us and is the chosen toy to go to family gatherings and even when other dogs come over to play it's the favorite! We are on our second one in three years and as long as they keep making them we'll keep buying them!"

by Debbie from Amazon

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